Noname Kicks Off 2019 With New Single “Song 31”

Noname song 31 mp3 download

Noname song 31 mp3 download
Noname has ushered in 2019 with a new track. “Song 31” marks the Chicago rapper’s first release since Room 25.

“Song 31” features rhymes like “Rolling up on the beach/ Smoking a holy leaf/ Laughing, baking, my homey T hoping joking is all we need/ When I sell pain for profit/ Now I binge-watch Atlanta/ No more TV representation from a Kelsey Grammar/ Let’s toast to n—–s getting checks to work behind the camera/ Somebody raise their nana.”

Last month, Noname released a music videofor “Blaxploitation,” and back in October, she made her solo television debut with a Room 25 medley on Colbert.

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